ANH SANG CO. LTD was established on 2002 according to the license No.: 0302653968   issued by Department of Planing and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

ANH SANG CO. LTD. has been active in natural rubber business since from beginning until today.

We provides you full range of natural rubber grades produced in Vietnam as follows SVR3L, SVR5, SVRL, SVRCV50/60, RSS1, RSS2, RSS3, RSS4, RSS5, LATEX HA 60%, LATEX LA 60%.

Our value describes how we behave to customers. It is how we live and that is we follow strictly our commitments. We always try our best to give customers maximum possible benefit. We value that customer trust is our core and life-time asset.

Our mission is to give customers the right materials for their needs at the lowest cost.

We are ready to be your advisers, your solution finder, your best and reliable supplier.